The Program

A business alliance referral program. Using centers of influence (strategic alliances), we offer a program to compensate you for your referral/lead that results in a sold program to Fusebox One. As we look to expand our exposure through various marketing and advertising channels, we recognized the best source of “warm leads” were not just our existing clients BUT ALSO key business relationships. Enter YOU!

The Product

Fusebox One Automated Marketing Platform:

o Align your brand assets and manage marketing content across your entire organization.

o Lets you create anything – advertisements, posters, apparel, stationery, promotional literature and
more – from start to finish in a matter of minutes.

Commercial printing:
o Utilize our full range of commercial print solutions to spark your brand.

o Full-service fulfillment facility to package and deliver your product…on time, every time!

Apparel and Promotional Items:
o Promote your brand through wearables or premier marketing promotional products.

The Perks

So, what’s in it for YOU? Well, that depends…

What’s in it for US is obvious: A warm lead to share our story with! Our sales team is pretty accomplished, but our value proposition won’t fit everyone. However, if it DOES, and your lead produces a signed engagement to design, develop and implement one of our solutions, we like to REWARD those referral partners that provided the opportunity!

PLAN: You will receive 20% of funds received to develop and deploy program for each successful referral conversion laid out in a detailed SOW. (Example Customer agrees to a $50,000 build you will receive a check for $10,000 just for making a warm introduction and suggestion.) Marketing Resource Center builds range from $10,000 - $100,000 depending on scope of complexity. Company average is $50,000.

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