Marketing/Sales Asset Management Catalog

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Manage your assets with this easy to use tool

One thing you might be looking forward to most is having your marketing and sales assets organized in a way that gives you a complete and updateable view.

The downloadable Marketing/Sales Asset Management Catalog is a tool we designed to help you take control of the assets you have. You’ll have a wide range of details at your fingertips, so you can quickly things like the description. Who created the asset, and when? What is the file name or form number? Where is the asset housed? Who is allowed to access it? When does it expire? And more.

We created the Marketing/Sales Asset Management Catalog as a Microsoft® Excel document so you can customize it to your own needs. Being organized reduces stress, enables you to make better decisions; be more productive; and focus more on high-priority tasks.

Download it now.

Make Digital Asset Management Easier with a Single Tool

One of the biggest things you may be looking forward to with your FBO portal is the chance to have all of your digital assets, marketing assets, and sales assets organized in a manner that offers a complete overview that is easy to maintain and update. Fortunately, that’s a standard part of the package that we call our Asset Catalog. 

You can download the Marketing/Sales Asset Management Catalog and take control of all of your assets in a single place. You will have access to all the details that you want to record and monitor, including things like: 

  • Who created the asset and when was it created?
  • What is the form number or file name?
  • Where is the asset stored and who has access?
  • When does this asset expire?

Our unique Marketing/Sales Asset Management Catalog is an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet that can be utilized for everything from asset inventory monitoring to asset creation, sharing, and more. You'll be able to customize the catalog to fit your database needs and track all of your assets in a way that works for you. This kind of organization can reduce your stress, help you be more productive, enable better decision making, and more. Plus, you’ll have the chance to focus on high-priority tasks and assets that need your attention. 

You can download the catalog here, now. 

The Value of Proper Marketing Asset Management

Marketing asset management is simply the process or practice of monitoring your marketing assets. Of course, you should also be monitoring and managing your sales, brand, and digital assets in the same manner. This kind of organization and oversight is not only going to benefit your brand, but it is critical to the future of your business. Utilizing tools like our Asset Catalog will allow you to:

  • Reduce duplicated work and unnecessary man-hours spent creating assets
  • Increase revenues from marketing campaigns with minimal spending
  • See which assets you have and create campaigns based around your existing resources
  • Increase efficiency and eliminate redundancies in marketing and branding

Call us today to discuss your needs for marketing asset management and other related services. As your marketing operations partner, we can help you with everything right from your FBO portal, no matter what types of solutions you might need. If you’re ready to get organized and get your assets in order, let us show you how to put the Asset Catalog to work for your brand.