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The importance of defining and honing your branding goals

It's interesting that while branding is central to a company's success, seldom do we talk about branding goals. Instead we focus on business goals, sales goals, and marketing goals – but at the core of helping to achieve each of those goals is branding.

To build or refine a brand, you have to first know what goals you want to achieve through branding. For example:

  • Awareness – Is a goal to have others promote your  brand on social media, in forums, online communities and in the media?
  • Emotional connection – Is one goal to grow a base of loyal brand advocates?
  • Brand of distinction – Is a goal for everyone in your industry to know why you stand out from competitors?
  • Trust and credibility – Is it a goal to influence credibility through likes, comments and reviews?
  • Buyer motivation – Is it your goal to be the "go-to" brand, making it easier to convert prospects into buyers? 

These are only a few examples of how branding impacts your business, sales and marketing goals. Use this interactive worksheet to help you get a snapshot of how well your branding is performing in areas that support your success.

Download it now.