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FuseBox One’s Marketing Management Platform delivers dynamic, unique, and successful marketing assets that you and your business teams can use without having to wait for or hire an additional designer to your team. Instead, you can automate the tools you need to create content-rich marketing resources that are personalized to your campaigns.

With a centralized hub for all of your marketing and digital asset creation demands, you can find, share, and publish your resources more easily.

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Take Command of Your Digital Asset Management

Taking Command of Your Digital Marketing Techniques

Constantly having to design new marketing assets is frustrating, and trying to develop more content while still keeping up with tight deadlines is stressful. You can eliminate both frustration and stress through streamlined marketing management techniques that can be evolved and transformed through a highly intuitive system.

The Marketing Management Platform contains a fully-automated asset creation kit that keeps pace with your growth needs and increasing demands, and stays up-to-date with the ever-changing strategies of digital marketing.

It’s a central communication hub that you and your team should be a part of because it can streamline every tool in every department of your company, with benefits that will improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing teams.

You can utilize resources that the digital asset management tool provides in order to fine-tune your marketing process to let only the most efficient and successful strategies shine through, in a way that everyone in your company can get on board with.

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Digital Asset Management For Government Agencies

All-in-One Marketing Management Platform for Government Agencies

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How do you implement a major cross-department change as an agency with thousands of employees at state or federal levels? Using an all-in-one system can automate the update process in a way that will look the same to everyone, as everyone will be using the same exact program to witness and apply these changes.

Make universal updates across the board or ensure that brand consistency is maintained across every department in your government agency with easy-to-use tools and data measurement resources.

With this digital resource center, you are in control of vendor management and you can automate the fulfillment or order filling services that you need to stay on top of your increasing business demands.

Plus, you can make sure that none of your assets become fragmented throughout the market as everything stays in one place.

Stay true to your most popular campaign strategies and keep track of your most valuable assets so you don’t waste any time looking for them again in the future. Marketing asset management tools are vital for streamlined service to the public sector.

Keep your valuable assets secured while also maintaining an easy avenue through which all members of your agency can access and share the same files.

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Secure Marketing Asset Management For Medical & Insurance

Marketing Solutions for Medical and Insurance Fields

In the healthcare field, there are not yet any universally-implemented methods for storing, sharing, or protecting data, including marketing assets. This usually results in the improper handling of your important data, which not only compromises its safety but also its integrity.

Prevent your marketing resources from getting scrambled with an all-in-one tool that can answer to impatient sales reps who want to publish a marketing resource on the spot, without empowering them to take matters into their own hands, which could risk bastardizing the standards of your brand.

User experience with assets is simplified so that employees in all departments can handle the assets correctly. This is one of the first comprehensive solutions for healthcare data storage, access, and sharing.

With new technologies, regulations, and policy changes trying to throw a wrench in your organization’s plans, you need a system that you can rely on to remain consistent throughout your growing industry.

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Resources To Streamline Your Branches / Chains DAM

Keep Track of Resources Across All Branches

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Digital asset management platform is the best solution to help you keep track of multi-branch and cross-channel assets that you have created. Nothing stalls time more than a marketing employee scrambling to find an old asset to reuse, or spending too many of their working hours re-creating a previously successful campaign by hand.

Now, the tools are all laid out for you, and your previous assets are easy to find in a highly-organized system.

Already using Salesforce? You can easily integrate it into our Marketing Management Platform without losing any data or time! The best part is that, you don’t have to re-train yourself or your employees on a whole new system. They can keep using the programs they know and trust, while implementing a highly effective tool to increase communication and efficiency.

FuseBox One’s marketing operations systems are designed to help big businesses and agencies like yours find a better way to increase the productivity of your marketing and sales teams, while giving everyone a chance to streamline their back-end techniques.

You can ensure full user adoption through the integration of existing tools as well as centralized, easy-to-use tools that will benefit every facet of your growing business.Sound great? Request a demo and see for yourself.


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