Improve Your Sales Enablement with Custom Maps – Available with single or multiple pins!


Create a lasting impression with our quick, easy mapping tool. As part of your FBO Marketing Management Platform, the Google Maps function allows you to create custom maps in a pinch. Stop scribbling on napkins and searching for a working pen, and give your customers confidence in your authority and professionalism from the get-go. 

Google Maps will generate a still image of your location. You can include customized colors and markers to designate specific locations or destinations, creating the perfect visual aid to help your customers find your business. Plus, all of these images can be used on a host of print and digital applications. 

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Remember, sales enablement is also about enabling the consumer to get the services and products that they need—quickly, easily, and without the hassles or confusion that used to come with online shopping and trying to find the best companies to work with. With a custom mapping tool, you’ll never have to worry about whether people can find your physical business. 

Can’t they just look it up on their GPS?

Sure, your customers could easily (and may very well) use their own GPS or Google Maps app to look up your business and find your location. However, you can never depend on that. Not only is it good business to make sure that people know how to find you, but today’s consumer wants to have an experience that is as effortless as possible. 

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It’s 2020. If your website doesn’t include some kind of custom location map and GPS linking option along with your contact information, you’re just dropping the ball and there’s really nothing else to it. Get on board and get your customers back by integrating this tool. Plus, when you use the FBO portal to integrate custom maps, you’ll be able to do everything with just a few clicks and get back to your business sooner. 

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The team at FuseBox One is committed to being your total marketing operations management partner. That’s why we’ve created the robust, dynamic FBO portal where you can handle all of your business marketing and sales needs, including brand management, asset management, and so much more. If you’re not sure that you are harnessing the full potential of your portal or you just want to know more about our Google Maps feature, schedule a demo today.