JobDirect Offers Direct Printing Right From Your Brand Marketing Platform

The Marketing Management Platform is full of diverse, rich tools that you can use to get your brand out there and increase its visibility in the marketplace. With JobDirect, you can interact with all kinds of printing solutions quickly and easily, ensuring the accuracy of every single printed piece. You can upload and submit artwork for printing through the intuitive user interface and enjoy benefits like:

Reduced Production Time

When you submit your printing through the online interface, you’ll enjoy having it put right into our automated workflow. This means that it will be processed quickly and efficiently and you’ll never have to wait for final submissions or worry about having to drop something off, use fax or email, or try to find another way to get your marketing materials to the printer. 

Real-Time Proofing

With our JobDirect interface, you will be able to proof all of your projects in real-time and make all final approvals (if required) at your convenience. The quality control is in your hands, and we’ll ensure that the job is done to your specifications every single time. 

Convenient 24-Hour Submissions

It doesn’t matter whether you’re cramming in a last-minute job at 2AM or if you’re just trying to get a print job done during normal business hours. With JobDirect, you can place your order at any time of day or night and trust that we’ll get on it right away. 

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Included Features Make Custom Brand Marketing Easy

As you’ll see in the video above, it’s easy to submit all of your projects with JobDirect. You’ll have access to file uploads, custom settings that you can save for future jobs, and a myriad of printing and publication options including everything from standard mailers to business cards and more. Custom printing is at your fingertips and when you work with FuseBox One, you can trust that help is always just a call away. 

Take the time to explore the JobDirect portal for yourself and see what kind of print projects we can handle for you. If you need assistance or you want a demo, just let us know! Of course, like the entire FBO marketing management platform, it’s really easy to use so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting started on your own. that’s part of the goal here at FuseBox One—to provide you with intuitive, effective solutions for all of your marketing operations & sales enablement needs.