Get Targeted Demographic Lists in Just a Few Clicks with Our List Acquisition Tool for the Ultimate in Sales Enablement


Put the wealth of knowledge collected by the team at FuseBox One to work for your business. With our List Acquisition options, you can generate lists based on precise targets and audience segments in a matter of minutes, and all without using your own CRM database. Forget spending hours trying to mine the right customer information and figure out which brand marketing messages need to go to which customers. With our sales enablement suite and List Acquisition feature, you’ll be able to generate different list types based on things like:

  • Consumer vs. Business Customers 
  • Vendor Lists
  • Geographical Lists: ZIP code, radius mapping, and polygon mapping
  • Audience Demographics: income, property status, Prizm Codes, health/ailments, automobile information, and more. 

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When you can generate this kind of detailed information, you’ll be able to move your marketing campaigns along faster and generate more business along the way. You’ll ensure that all of your campaigns reach their intended audience effectively and produce the results that you desire. 

All that you have to do is input the information that you want to use to generate the list, adjust the search settings if desired, and then submit the query to get a perfectly organized list of prospects, customers, or other resources that you can then use as part of your brand marketing or sales enablement strategy. 

Not only does this make things easier for your sales and marketing team, but it will make the decision easier for the customer when they see how carefully they were targeted based on their personal details—today's consumers love that personal touch. 

Who Can Use our List Acquisition?

Anyone can benefit from this feature when they are looking to take control of their digital marketing efforts. If you’re trying to reach target audiences, this tool can deliver it all. However, our digital resource center and list acquisition services are especially appreciated by government agencies, medical organizations, and insurance branches who constantly need to target specific clients for various marketing and compliance solutions. 

With FuseBox One, you can trust that your assets are always secure and that your business can generate the perfect lists every time. Call us today to schedule your free demo or learn more about what our marketing operations solutions can do for your brand.

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