Business Woman Using Computer to Access DAM


Promoting your SMB (small or medium-sized business) requires tactics and tools that are specialized to your specific niche, in your specific location, and with your specific resources. A digital asset marketing management system with all of its tools in one easy-to-access screen can do just that.

Centralize Your Marketing

All Marketing in One Spot

Whether you have brochures, direct mailers, banner ads, web ads, promotional products, printed ads, presentation decks, or social media posts, you’re bound to store up a lot of assets over time. The longer you and your company go without having a centralized place to store all of this, the harder it can be for employees in different departments to quickly find and use the assets they need.

This isn’t just a problem for large companies. Small and medium-sized organizations work through specific multichannel marketing methods in order to cater to localized groups or specific industries.

And in today’s ever-evolving world of marketing demands, getting it right is more important than ever.

The assets that you and your agency have created need to be in an easy-to-reach spot to prevent communication issues or strategy mishaps between your teams or departments. Note, this isn't just for digital assets, FuseBox One offers Inventory Management for ALL your physical assets as well. 


Built-in Templates and Artwork

Don’t have the time, resources, or manpower to constantly create new graphics and digital artwork from scratch? Get a DAM system! With our all-in-one FBO Marcom Platform, you can download premade templates that are automatically customized to fit your company’s brand and targeting needs. Watch this brief video for highlights of our system.

New creations can be made daily, and they are all saved and stored in a convenient location that makes it easy for you to find and use them at any time. You can even modify old assets or automate the creation process so your marketing team will have their time freed up to tend to more important tasks.

It can be expensive to hire teams of digital artists or marketing experts who must then focus solely on asset creation. In the long run, a DAM is a serendipitous investment as it allows you to delegate time and tasks much more efficiently

Sometimes the waiting process for artwork approval and print production can really slow down productivity across all of your channels. Using an automated system can dramatically simplify the process.

Plus, everyone will be able to log into the same screen and see the same programs, which helps each employee stay on board and up-to-date on the latest campaigns.

Promotional Products

Promotional Products Manufactured and Delivered at a Faster Pace


Need to produce and ship different wearables and promotional items? Sending new orders through the print production process can cause a subtle panic among your team members, sending everyone into crunch time. Complications can arise which make the entire process of ordering and shipping even more delayed.

Not to mention, dealing with many different vendors with different levels of production and fulfillment services can become a headache. It can get out of hand when you don’t have the right system in place to seamlessly organize and track all of your different production contacts.

Small and medium businesses need as much hands-off assistance as they can get when it comes to inventory management and fulfillment. This is especially true if you are involved with promotional swag or apparel production and you are looking for a more streamlined way to fill your growing orders.


Measure the Impact of MAM

Measure Asset Effectiveness and Obtain Data in a Flash


A final benefit of a marketing asset management system is that you can get your hands on whatever data you need. This is the automated and fast-paced way to track ROI, measure user adoption rates of your new system, and see the overall effectiveness of your assets, templates, and marketing campaigns.

Get your hands on rich data and oversee your marketing and production schedules from start to finish. You have an opportunity to have data right at your fingertips, in an easy-to-use, single-login portal that’s customized to your needs.

Ask any small business owner what the biggest pains with company management are. They will likely talk about trying to keep up with multiple production vendors, communicating effective brand management through different marketing channels, and keeping all teams happy while trying to get them to adopt a better system.

A digital asset marketing program can be the solution that wipes out all of those pains, helping you secure the future of your organization as a company that can produce effective growth. Stay organized and find a streamlined solution to keep your company’s production needs on track!