From Direct Marketing to Compliance Mailings, We Have You Covered

Direct Mail

From press to post, you can count on our experts to help you with brand marketing and brand compliance through direct mail campaigns. We’ll even work to get reduced postage rates and handle all of the printing, sorting, and sending of your materials, right in our secure facility. We can provide you with mailing solutions as part of our marketing operations partnership, helping you send out everything from marketing materials to compliance mailings and more. 

When you choose to incorporate our direct mail solutions with your brand asset management solution here at FuseBox One, you’ll enjoy:

  • List Acquisition: Consumer and business, as well as specialty lists like Personix
  • Variable data programming for text and images 
  • Inkjet addressing and wafer sealing for secure delivery
  • Intelligent inserting so that multi-way mailings match
  • Informed delivery
  • CASS/NCOA and Pre-sorting for all marketing mail, First Class, nonprofit, periodicals, and EDDM materials
  • A secure, modern facility that protects all data, including full PII, PHI, and PCI compliance
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You’ve got more important things to do than worry about your mail. Let us handle everything by integrating our services with your digital asset management system and you’ll be able to get back to business and trust that your mailing is in good hands. 

Does Direct Mail Even Work Anymore?

Many people look out over the digital landscape and wonder whether direct mail should even be on their marketing radar. However, the reality is that it DOES still work and it SHOULD be on everyone’s list. From simple compliance paperwork to special offers and promotions, direct marketing through the mail is something that every business can still use. 

According to a recent study, here’s why direct mail works:

20-30% of marketing emails get opened by consumers


As much as 90% of direct mail gets opened or seen by consumers

Plus, if you use oversized materials, new customers are 15% more likely to respond. The numbers don’t lie—direct mail still works. Email used to be the way of the world, but with so much spam, consumers quickly abandoned their interest in that marketing channel, bringing companies back to the good old direct mailing system that’s worked for decades. 

Let’s Get Started

Whether you’re looking for a robust, personalized direct mail campaign or you just need some compliance documents sent out, we’re ready to help. Let us show you how our mail services will make your marketing operation & sales enablement solution even more valuable.Need Help With Your Direct Mail? Click to Schedule a Call