FuseBox One Helps Users Do More with Built-In Help Center

Posted by FuseBox One on Jun 16, 2022 10:14:54 AM

FuseBox One has unveiled its new help center, baked right into the company’s industry-leading marketing management platform.

Des Moines, Iowa June 14, 2022 – FuseBox One has officially debuted a critical tool to help users get the most out of the company’s popular marketing management platform (MMP): a help center built right into the software. The help center sits at the center of the platform, ensuring that users can get answers to their pressing questions immediately.

“It’s all about ensuring our users have the best possible experience,” explained Chris McGinty, RVP of Marketing & Sales Solutions of the company. “We’ve built an easy-to-use, streamlined marketing management platform, but there’s always a learning curve. Our help center answers questions and helps users connect the dots quickly, so they can hit the ground running.”

The help center connects to everything within the FuseBox One marketing management platform, from product templates to printables, Marketo integration, business intelligence asset insights, list acquisition and creation, social media, email marketing, Salesforce integration, and everything in between.

Designed to provide comprehensive information, the help center offers easy access to a wide range of data. Users can learn more about how to complete specific actions, how various capabilities and tools work within the marketing management platform, and more. To find information about functions, features, and capabilities, users only need to enter their query into the search bar and press enter. The help center will automatically display the most relevant information, as well providing options for users to refine their search to access more granular information about their topic of interest.

“The goal is to help our clients improve control over their brands while maximizing business intelligence and simplifying the path to achieving desired outcomes,” Chris McGinty stated. “And because the new help center is baked into our MMP, there’s no disconnect and no time lost between answering queries and putting that information to use.”

To learn more information about FuseBox One or the company’s groundbreaking marketing management platform, visit https://www.fuseboxone.com.

About FuseBox One: FuseBox One is a premier marketing operations and marketing resource management company. The company’s software, service, and distribution build a stronger marketing and sales relationship. With a strong vision for how a marketing department can grow and position itself for the future, clients receive marketing operations support that will drive sales enablement. FuseBox One delivers turnkey operational solutions for brand and legal compliant companies looking to boost sales, streamline processes, speed up time to market, measure campaign effectiveness, and reduce costs of operation.


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