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Distributed Marketing as a Service

Manage marketing assets, printed materials, fulfillment, and shipping centrally for easy collaboration, file access, and connectivity no matter where your team is working.

Distributed marketing or distribution marketing is the process of connecting your company's central, corporate-level work with your network of local offices, franchises, and partners. They can easily access approved materials, customize each piece, and request printed copies.

For example, you own a national insurance company (e.g., Farm Bureau, Nationwide, etc.) with a corporate marketing team and thousands of local offices and partners across the country. Your corporate marketing team can create and organize the marketing materials, make sure they adhere to regulatory compliance guidelines, and upload the materials to our preferred licensed digital asset management system from Marcom Central (watch a demo). Then, the local offices and partners can log in, access the most recent marketing materials, customize them, and request printed copies. 

Plus, we offer a full spectrum of services on the back-end to ensure you have the business intelligence you need and your materials can be ordered, printed commercially, assembled, and shipped to anywhere. 

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Key Features

Not only does FuseBox One offer the state-of-the-art distributed marketing or distribution marketing system, licensed by Marcom Central, but we also provide the one-on-one service to help you get set-up and manage the back-end.  This full-spectrum experience allows you and your team to:

  • Personalize individual marketing materials while maintaining your brand and compliance requirements.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) allows for easy access and unique permissions.
  • Stay connected with your larger brand while allowing local partners to connect with their communities.
  • In-house commercial print, promotional products, and warehousing ensuring your team has an Amazon-like experience.
  • Leverage business intelligence reports to help you make more informed decisions about what materials are working well and what materials are not being used. 

What They're Saying

“We have been long time customers of FuseBox One and currently utilize their services to run our marketing collateral library where our agents can download and order printed copies of hundreds of our marketing materials. FuseBox One has been great to work with through the years. They always strive to bring new, innovative features to help better service our agents and are always quick to help when we are needing service or updates to our platform. FuseBox One's expertise makes my job easier and we are thankful to have been able to work with them for so many years." Lindsay, GuideOne Insurance

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