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Warehousing & Fulfillment

Let us store your printed marketing and sales materials. Then, when your team is ready to order these pieces, they can use our Amazon-like experience to order and track their materials.

FuseBox One's secure, Central Iowa-based, warehouse and fulfillment center is ready to store, organize, kit/pack, and fulfill all of your printed and promotional items.

Our Amazon-like ordering experience makes it easy for anyone to order materials and our inventory controls ensures you're not overpaying for excess orders. Plus, our centralized location makes shipping across the country easier than ever. This climate-controlled 3PL solution has you covered from your warehousing to delivery! 

Key Features

  • Pick-and-pack individual items into one order.
  • Kitting team can assemble your individual pieces into a kit.
  • Inventory controls so you know what you have on hand and who's ordering what items.
  • Centralized shipping across the country.

What They're Saying

“Quality experience working with professional people who care and strive to be excellent in all they do. Thankful for a real value in receiving all that was promised and a little more... the Fusebox team has earned my loyalty.” Chris Barr

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