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Fragmented Sales Enablement

The biggest hurdle in the sales industry is managing effective relationships between brokers/dealers and members of other departments throughout your organization. There’s often a scramble from one branch to the next, where employees across the promotional ladder are trying to figure out what they do or don’t have access to in order to finalize sales and make deals.

This is especially true if your company is divided into franchises or branches. Each branch can have local branding needs or target audiences that require something unique to that region.

Marketing Asset Management & Sales Asset Management Tools

The Importance of Marketing Asset Management Tools for Brokers and Dealers

Broker dealers and lucrative vendors across a wide array of industries need marketing asset management more than ever due to the increasing speed and size of technological advancement. In order to accelerate your business, you need a solid lead generation system that will keep you on track with your internal and external affairs.

Perhaps one of the most important tools you need for your broker company to survive is automated, qualified lead generation. A centralized asset management system that includes automated list acquisition will help you create targeted lists without taking your focus away from your current customers and sales.

All In One Digital Asset Management & Marketing Asset Management Oversight

Brokering Multichannel Effectiveness with Centralized Asset Management


If you have channel partners, and you want to reach across multiple channels to implement a diversity of marketing campaigns, you’re going to need a centralized place to store, update, and manage your assets.

With the all-in-one FuseBox One Marketing Management Platform by FuseBox One, you can keep track of your broker dealings, sales channels, and franchises without any information getting mixed up or confused.

Some of the most effective uses of a digital marketing project manager for franchises, brokers, and multichannel operations include:

  1. Oversee project coordination anywhere, at any time, with as many resources as you need at your fingertips.
  2. Keep accurate track of warehouse numbers and inventory levels for any location or department.
  3. Manage print or delivery schedules in one easy-access location.
  4. Watch your escrow postage account and oversee all of its dealings.
  5. Take care of asset approvals and manufacturing progress for all of your promotional items.

And don’t forget, you can give as many or as few people as necessary access to the tools and information in your customized solution to multichannel marketing.

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Brand Conformation To Drive Brand Equity

Personalize Marketing Assets at the Local Level

Franchisees are notoriously the most impatient when it comes to waiting for brand guidelines or approved assets from the corporate marketing team. Since franchise owners have to think about appealing to their targets at the local level, there may be other design needs or concerns involved that the other branches don’t have to consider.

Those with franchises usually come up with out-of-the-box ways to promote their location and its services that doesn’t always necessarily serve the greater good of the organization as a whole.

With a DAM system, you can prevent franchisers from bastardizing your brand by implementing automated resource development tools that are so easy and so streamlined, even the most stubborn franchisee will be able to get on board.

You can also give franchisees a single-login portal so that they’ll have direct access to the brand-compliant assets, materials, and campaign info that they need, without them having to be bogged down by things they don’t need. Keep information and data from your other channels and departments away so your franchise owners don’t get overwhelmed, while still empowering them with the tools to keep their impatience at bay!

Incentivising Marketing Budget's for Local Francises and Chains

Use Your Marketing Budget Wisely

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Typically, franchise owners or multichannel agencies don’t have significantly large marketing budgets to use on specific assets or campaigns. So, it’s best to use that funding as wisely as possible. Marketing budgets may not change, but the way you use them can.

With a centralized asset manager, you can implement robust shopping carts with dynamic behaviors, download local or general data in real time, and produce materials without having to deal with the hassle of multiple vendors at once.

Being able to simplify your marketing digital asset creation, approvals, printing, distribution, and data reporting can save you tons of money down the line, while increasing your productivity. In the end, you’ll be turning more of a profit than before.

Consistency with Your Sales Enablement

Brand Consistency Is Key

We often talk about how important it is to stay consistent and on-brand with all of your marketing developments. The best way to maintain brand consistency across all of your channels, branches, departments, and franchises is to have an automated system that looks the same to every one of its users.

This means that all employees will be looking at the same dashboard and using the same program to check inventory, look at digital assets, or schedule a new post. This new system is what keeps franchises on the path to success, helping them cater to their local needs without losing touch of your brand’s vision.

A big frustration that small franchise owners or single-channel employees have is the inability to quickly switch between different programs or tools. With FuseBox One’s single sign-on service, anybody in the company can access one simple login screen that will give them a direct link to all of the different programs and applications they use.

For your corporate office, that could mean the easy switch between the Marketing Management Platform and Salesforce, and for a franchisee, that could mean switching between the inventory application and digital marketing asset portal.

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