Lumentus Integration

Social Media Management within FuseBox One

FuseBox One’s integration with Lumentus Social allows clients to share corporate branded posts across their entire organization. The integration enables access to social platforms within your FuseBox One portal to streamline content sharing across Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook.

Expand Your Social Presence

By allowing your employees to promote corporate-approved social content, organizations can substantially grow their social networks, while still remaining brand compliant. The administrator has the power to share on behalf of any end user who has connected their account inside the FuseBox One portal. With the ability to set up groups inside the portal, the administrator can create social blasts for various groups or departments to effectively engage their online relationships with tailored content and imagery for target audiences.

Maintain Brand Control

The Lumentus Social integration tackles sensitivity around controlling content, maintaining compliance, and establishing brand integrity for all social media users and channels within your organization. You can easily and effectively ensure teams adhere to social media policies and mitigate the risk of regulatory breaches or damage to your brand.


About Lumentus Social

Lumentus Social is a social media management and content sharing technology designed to help social media users with the hardest and most time consuming aspects of engaging with their audiences. The easy to use platform maximizes the effectiveness of social media and significantly reduces the time to distribute content through social channels.