FuseBox One: Where Do Your Digital Asset Management Needs Fit?


The team at FuseBox One is well-versed in all areas of marketing operations, including digital asset management for large and small businesses alike. Finding the right solutions starts with finding your fit. You can click on either of the links above to go to the corresponding page for your business needs and learn more about what we have to offer, but first, read on to find out why the size of your business matters when it comes to digital asset management and marketing operations as a whole. 

Small/Medium-Sized Business

Smaller companies are going to need less complex and detailed solutions for their marketing and asset management, typically speaking. The FBO portal for small businesses and mid-size brands includes a web-based toolkit that makes creating and distributing marketing materials easier than ever before, with versions available with various levels of features and functions. You'll enjoy access to client-branded items, product templates, list acquisition, job direct, and credit card payment services. 

If you choose the pro option, you’ll get even more client-branded items, along with custom portal branding, Expression (for creating personalized marketing materials), and Google Maps. Each has its own pros and cons, along with its own costs to consider. However, you’ll guarantee that your business has all of the tools that it needs to get the job done when you invest in the Marcom Lite or Pro option for small to mid-size businesses.

Large/Enterprise Level Business

Our enterprise-level solution is fully customizable and allows you to integrate everything in one place to ensure that your marketing operations are always in total alignment. You will be able to upload, organize, store, and share your various marketing assets and digital materials to generate custom marketing content for all areas of your organization. You will enjoy access to a host of features, including product templates, job direct, Expression for custom marketing, business intelligence, list acquisition, and more. 

Our enterprise solution can be integrated with various tools, as well, including Salesforce, Marketo, Lumentus Social, and Google Analytics to provide a robust, dynamic platform for total marketing operations management from all sides and in all areas of your organization. 

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Check out the links above to learn more about each type of business solution available here at FuseBox One and call us when you’re ready to schedule your demo. We'll help you set up the custom marketing operations solution that your business needs for the future.